Ann’s story

  When I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, it was quite a Shock! My husband and I left the hospital somewhat stunned, and proceeded to go for a meal and share a bottle of wine!! We accepted the news and realised what was to follow. We were very confident with the wonderful Breast Team who were there to support us. My surgeon was charming and extremely specific as to what needed to be done. So we both prepared ourselves for what

Sharon’s Story

I was diagnosed on 14th November 2013, I came out of the breast clinic in total shock and feeling so scared. I was frozen with fear. I’d had a biopsy the week before to see what the suspicious spot was that showed up on my mammogram. I never expected it to be breast cancer that only happens to other people, doesn’t it? I was booked in for a lumpectomy on the 19th Dec, which I recovered from quite quickly and then had

Eileen’s Story

In April of 2017, I was doing a quick breast examination, when I found a huge lump in my right breast. The very first thing I thought was “cancer”. I froze on the spot and did not know what to do. I waited a couple of days and then asked my husband to have a “feel”. His face dropped, and he asked me what it was. I said I did not know but immediately booked

Sara’s Story

I am a single mum to 2 children – Callum, now age 14 and Georgia age 10. In may 2015 our lives were turned upside down when I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer at the age of 39. Chemo, surgery, radiotherapy and I was given the all clear in march 2016. Only for November 2016 to discover I had secondary cancer – it’s now in my neck. Hearing that news and telling the children I was having to go back

Angela’s Story

18/06/2014 I have been diagnosed with breast cancer!!! I’m only 42?! Luckily I have a fantastic family and group of friends around me and I am trying to stay as positive as possible and take it one step at a time. 11/07/2014 Finished work today in order to focus on getting myself better. I saw the oncologist this week and what with the fitting of a Hickman line, having an ECG, meeting the chemo nurses, going for a wig appointment (tempted to go

Angie’s Story

I’m Angie, and looking back, I’m really fortunate to have come through this terrible ordeal of hearing that dreaded word…… Cancer. I found a lump in my right breast one Saturday evening, and for the rest of that weekend, before I could make an appointment with my GP, I was going out of my mind with worry. My GP referred me immediately, and after my consultation, it was decided that I should have the lump removed. I felt such a sense of