Angie’s Story

//Angie’s Story

I’m Angie, and looking back, I’m really fortunate to have come through this terrible ordeal of hearing that dreaded word…… Cancer.

I found a lump in my right breast one Saturday evening, and for the rest of that weekend, before I could make an appointment with my GP, I was going out of my mind with worry.

My GP referred me immediately, and after my consultation, it was decided that I should have the lump removed. I felt such a sense of relief when I came round after the anaesthetic, but unfortunately for me, the tumour was bigger than they originally thought.

I was given a few options, but decided that it was best to just go for it, and I made the drastic decision to have a mastectomy. I needed to know, that the cancer had been taken away completely.

Then came my course of Chemotherapy, which knocked me for six and made me quite ill. But I knew, that the treatment was the only way to make sure, that any cancerous cells which might be lurking in my body, too tiny for any tests to detect, would be removed.

I wanted to be around, for my family, for my son and my husband, who all needed me. I just wanted to cry, especially when my hair was falling out,
but they needed me to be strong, because if I wasn’t, they would fall apart.

I kept a positive head, and a sense of humour. I asked lots of questions about my treatment, and that’s how I got through it all.

No-one tells you how you are going to feel, and how cancer affects you and your loved ones. Now I want to help others in any way I can, and to let them know that they can, ‘Lean on me’.