Sara’s Story

//Sara’s Story

I am a single mum to 2 children – Callum, now age 14 and Georgia age 10.

In may 2015 our lives were turned upside down when I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer at the age of 39.

Chemo, surgery, radiotherapy and I was given the all clear in march 2016. Only for November 2016 to discover I had secondary cancer – it’s now in my neck. Hearing that news and telling the children I was having to go back through more treatment almost broke me – but I knew I had to paint that smile on face it head on.

Since original diagnosis I have had over 100 hospital appointments, currently on 9 rounds of chemo (and it’s ongoing), 2 lots of surgery, 23 sessions radiotherapy, a blood transfusion and – to date – 2 hospital stays of 6 days each due to being neutropenic. On top of this juggling work and trying to maintain paying all my bills!

I am so proud of my children as it’s not been easy for them – I have been tired, irritable, emotional and not always there for them (when I was admitted to hospital) When LFBC offered us a weekend away I was overwhelmed at their kindness and generosity – so much so at first I said no! Then I realised I owed my children a weekend of fun where we could forget about hospitals and illness and enjoy time together.

I cannot put into words how amazing it was to see them happy, smiling and enjoying such magical times – making memories is what it’s all about and without LFBC and their sponsor Wesleyan that would not have been possible. I am forever grateful for the opportunity. Thank you.