Eileen’s Story

//Eileen’s Story

In April of 2017, I was doing a quick breast examination, when I found a huge lump in my right breast. The very first thing I thought was “cancer”. I froze on the spot and did not know what to do. I waited a couple of days and then asked my husband to have a “feel”. His face dropped, and he asked me what it was. I said I did not know but immediately booked a GP appointment, where she said she did not know what it was and referred me for a mammogram.

The mammogram still had not come through after 3 weeks so LFBC funded a private mammogram at Spire. Fortunately, this massive lump at the bottom of my right breast was benign and I am not doing anything to remove it – just watch and wait. Those weeks of waiting for the results was very difficult and I wondered how I was going to tell my two small children that mummy was poorly, and I didn’t know what would happen to me.

Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer were so supportive and there at the very point I needed them. They were my angels in disguise. I am a trustee on the Board and never thought this would happen to me. Thank God it all turned out OK.