Sharon’s Story

//Sharon’s Story

I was diagnosed on 14th November 2013, I came out of the breast clinic in total shock and feeling so scared. I was frozen with fear.
I’d had a biopsy the week before to see what the suspicious spot was that showed up on my mammogram.

I never expected it to be breast cancer that only happens to other people, doesn’t it? I was booked in for a lumpectomy on the 19th Dec, which I recovered from quite quickly and then had to wait to see if there was any spread which thankfully there wasn’t, the next step was 12 sessions chemotherapy and 23 sessions of radiotherapy.

The chemo wasn’t very pleasant, but I would have jumped from a plane naked if it cured me, the hair loss didn’t bother me I just saw it as something I had to go through to get myself better. All in all, there was over 70 visits to the hospital, I am still seeing my Oncologist annually and will have hormone therapy for a few years. Since being diagnosed I feel like my life has been enriched, I appreciate the little things in life and I have met some lovely friends along the way and I feel so humbled to be here.