Ann’s story

//Ann’s story


When I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, it was quite a Shock! My husband and I left the hospital somewhat stunned, and proceeded to go for a meal and share a bottle of wine!! We accepted the news and realised what was to follow. We were very confident with the wonderful Breast Team who were there to support us. My surgeon was charming and extremely specific as to what needed to be done. So we both prepared ourselves for what was to happen over the ensuing months.

Having been a nurse, and having nursed ladies with Breast Cancer, it was somewhat bizarre being on the Bed, rather than beside it!  My husband was amazing! The year before, Boxing Day 2013, he had a heart attack! Then late 2014 I am diagnosed with Breast Cancer! So we both had serious health issues to put it mildly!!  So my Husband got through his hiccup………..and I was going to get through mine!!

My first operation went well..phew! Unfortunately more surgery was required, which did upset me! Following the second operation, I was told that I would need chemotherapy, plus Radiotherapy, plus Herceptin injections! What a Whammy!!   So 2015 was a year full of Hospital visits. My Husband was always at my side, especially when despite trying to save my hair due to chemo, we decided to shave it off! I actually looked good bald! I had a super wig which I wore most of the time…………especially when taking out the rubbish! One had to be dressed properly! I would wash it and leave it out in the garden……….and in the morning I went outside seeing what I thought was a Hedgehog! But it was my Wig……….What a laugh!

Now, when I commenced Radiotherapy, I had to go to Worcester Royal Hosp. This was a real problem for me as I don’t drive! So every week day for 5 weeks I was picked up by lots of men plus one lady! What a laugh! I felt like a real Tart! I met some amazing people who volunteer to drive people such as myself to hospital and back! I also met some lovely men and women going through Radiotherapy with many stories to tell!

On completion of the R/T, I commenced Herceptin injections……yuk! The nurses were lovely, but I still hated the injection! (when a nurse I gave many injections, but I hate to be on the receiving end!)
I had further surgery in 2016 to make both breasts more comfortable. During that time my lovely old Dad died! It was hard for me then, because he wanted me to look after him, but I was unable to do so.
So now, 2018 a new year and I am doing ok! I continue with regular check ups with the Breast Team and The Oncology Team. I am due for another check up early February.

Throughout the last few years I have certainly had my ups and downs. But during that time despite everything I have been a model wearing beautiful clothes and feeling wonderful! I have gone back to swimming again and had some lovely holidays, plus joining a choir, and finding I can sing! Life is wonderful!